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Now scheduling a two week tour for Viking King’s Vendetta by Sky Purington

Now scheduling a two week tour for Viking King’s Vendetta by Sky Purington     

This tour will be August 13- 27  (weekdays only)

I am scheduling reviews and spotlight stops

pdf, epub and mobi available for reviewers 

To participate in this tour please send:

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Please let me know if you wish to review

Viking King’s Vendetta

Viking Ancestors

Rise of the Dragon
Book One
Sky Purington     

Genre: Time Travel Fantasy/Shifter Romance

Date of Publication:  August 13, 2018


Number of pages:  260
Word Count:  83,000

Cover Artist:  Tara West

Book Description:

Taking a few months to reflect on what she truly wants from life, Emily returns to her family home in Winter Harbor, Maine. Yet she should have known her ties with ancient Scandinavia and those with dragon blood would catch up with her. Moreover, that her connection with the man she loves would be impossible to ignore. Something soon proven when he pulls her back in time to tenth century Norway.

Determined to help his people defeat a dark prophecy, Viking Sven Sigdir returns to his homeland to find two regions minus their beloved kings. Leaderless, both clans look to Sven to rule. Though willing to rise up, he must first uncover the root of the prophecy. That means reuniting with the woman who holds his heart and setting forth on a perilous journey.

Sven and Emily navigate not only their feelings for one another but the burgeoning prophecy that might take it all away. Will they be able to conquer their new adversary before it's too late? Or is this just the beginning of something that will change life as they know it? Find out in Viking King's Vendetta, an action-packed adventure ripe with sizzling passion, epic battles, unexpected twists and memorable characters.

 About the Author:

Sky Purington is the bestselling author of forty novels and novellas. A New Englander born and bred who recently moved to Virginia, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth, and legend. When combined with a love for history, romance, and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books.

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Sky@SkyPurington. Interested in keeping up with Sky’s latest news and releases? Either visit Sky’s website,, subscribe to her quarterly newsletter or sign up for personalized text message alerts. Simply text 'skypurington' (no quotes, one word, all lowercase) to 74121 or visit Sky’s Sign-up Page. Texts will ONLY be sent when there is a new book release. Readers can easily opt out at any time.

Love social networking? Find Sky on Facebook and Twitter.



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Now scheduling a two week tour for Shifting Auras by Claire Davon

Now scheduling a two week tour for Shifting Auras by Claire Davon

This tour will be August 6-20  (weekdays only)

I am scheduling reviews, guest blogs, interviews and spotlight stops

pdf available for reviewers 

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Please let me know if you wish to review

Shifting Auras
The Universe Chronicles
Book One
Claire Davon

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Date of Publication:  July 25, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-68291-725-1

Number of pages: 203
Word Count: 60,000

Cover Artist: Ramona Lockwood


When Maya gets yet another call to retrieve her drunken roommate, her mind shows her a hot, amber-eyed Universe operative.

Once before, Ian failed to protect a sensitive from a brain-scrambling attack. He will not fail Maya . . . if it means using his talent—or his body—to stop a bullet.

Book Description:

Maya Wingfield was raised to trust no one—least of all the dueling U.S. and Russian paranormal agencies, Universe and Night Stars, who’d love to harness her mind-reading gift.

She thought Richmond a safe place to escape their influence and hide from a rising psychic malevolence that drove her out of San Diego. But when she gets yet another call to retrieve her drunken roommate, her mind shows her an amber-eyed Universe operative with an impenetrable net around his deepest secret—and a voice that sends shock waves of awareness down her nerve endings.

Maya’s curves and aquamarine eyes aren’t the only things that jolt Ian Sanderson’s mental shields, bringing sexual tension thrumming back to life. It’s a power his Universe-trained mind knows he shouldn’t trust. And a vulnerability that makes his telekinetic power burn in his palms to protect her.

But to Universe, she is just one of too many unanswered questions. A target for Whisper, a shadowy new group of paranormals with powers beyond anything Universe has ever seen. Once before, Ian failed to protect a sensitive from a brain-scrambling attack. He will not fail again . . . if it means using his talent—or his body—to stop a bullet.


About the Author:

Claire can’t remember a time when writing wasn’t part of her life. Growing up, she used to write stories with her friends. As a teenager she started reading fantasy and science fiction, but her diet quickly changed to romance and happily-ever-after’s.

A native of Massachusetts and cold weather, she left all that behind to move to the sun and fun of California, but has always lived no more than twenty miles from the ocean.

In college she studied acting with a minor in creative writing. In hindsight she should have flipped course studies. Before she was published, she sold books on eBay and discovered some of her favorite authors by sampling the goods, which was the perfect solution. Claire has many book-irons in the fire, most notably her urban fantasy series, The Elementals’ Challenge series, but writes contemporary and shifter romances as well as.

While she’s not a movie mogul or actor, she does work in the film industry with her office firmly situated in the 90210 district of Hollywood. Prone to breaking into song, she is quick on her feet and just as quick with snappy dialogue. In addition to writing she enjoys animal rescue, reading, and movies. She loves to hear from fans, so feel free to drop her a line.

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Exclusive Bewitching Book Tours Excerpt Nine While Nine by Stasia Morineaux

I’m walking through an immense library with shelves that tower over me, their height reaching clear to the glass ceiling where endless stars shine through the velvety black sky and into the room. Their light dances upon my hair, my skin.
At the end of the room is a gleaming bronze spiral staircase leading to another tome-packed level. Lifting the hem of my long skirt, I place my feet carefully on the filigree metal and make my assent using the bannister to guide my way.
Never before have I seen a library of this magnitude in person. Never have I walked among so many books in such an awe-inspiring environment. Everything is warm colors of mahogany, bronze, and amber. And the stars. If only the steps I’m climbing could get me closer to that rich sky with its infinite curtain of illuminations.
My sight falls to the books on the shelves, an endless supply of reading material, none duplicated. As I run my fingers delicately over their spines, I tilt my head to better read the titles printed in gold there. The farther down the aisle I progress, I notice every title is one that I’ve read over the course of my life so far. They are in order from my earliest years until what I had been indulging in just last night as I fell asleep.
As I begin to pull a volume from its home, a door at the end of the passage pulls my attention. The nearby lamp’s ambient light glinting off its curve urges me to come closer.
The nearer I move toward the massive structure, the fuzzier my head becomes until a burst across the plains of my mind seizes the entire landscape, and everything around me dissolves into nothing. No, not nothing. What remains is the rippling indigo sky and the whispering stars. And the enormous circular bronze door.
Filling the inner space, inset into it, is a series of interconnected and locking complicated shapes of darkly shining metal. Elongated swirls and curves . .  . No, they’re branches and vines and leaves. All of them winding and twisting as if in the wind, an effortless dance of intricate lock art. But rather than the leaves falling from the branches, they shift and fall into place. I can hear the metal sliding and turning smoothly through the mechanisms, and when one reaches the designated spot a lilting click resounds, almost musical in its tink of metal against metal.
A few minutes pass before the door eases open several inches, revealing a vault. Beyond the door is a singular glowing light in the pitch darkness.
The stars grow louder. How is it they can whisper? I don’t understand what it is they say. They speak too softly, and yet with an urgency.
 I stretch my hand toward the vault to widen the opening, so I can see what lies inside. Even though their language is beyond me, I know this is what the stars are telling me to do.
As the distance grows smaller from my fingers to the door, my mind grows hazy and yet somehow sharper at the same time. The odor of the forest— oak moss, birch, cedar, pepper, and a mere clue of honeysuckle— swirls around me. Is it coming from the vault?
Darkness descends all around. I hear hooves pounding the earth far-off behind me but approaching fast. The slightest hint of trees begins to fill in the dark horizon, moonlight starts to filter down through the fiery leaves and green of the pine needles.
I can almost distinguish the impending figures of multiple horses in the distance. They have riders on their backs, but I can’t make them out. Should I remain or flee? My heart is racing, beating in time to the pounding of the horses’ feet.
I turn to run; I’m blocked. Standing immediately in front of me is Gideon. No, it’s not him. This man’s face is similar in structure, as is his stance, but the hair and eyes and his attire are all wrong to be Gideon. His hair is not deftly groomed dark locks, but rather a roughly tamed mane of gold and honey. His eyes are not the midnight sky, but sunshine-warmed amber. His clothing is not from my world or time. He’s wearing what seems to be armor of leather and a metal that looks to be bronze. He has a bow harnessed across his back and a broadsword in his hand.
Before my brain has a chance to tell my feet to move, his hands are in my hair pulling me gently closer to him. I feel his hands at the back of my head. His breath whispers against my ear, “You need to remember.”

Nine While Nine
The Nine While Nine Legacy
Book One
Stasia Morineaux
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy/
Contemporary Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

Publisher: Parliament House Press

Date of Publication: July 24, 2018


Number of pages: 314
Word Count: 123,799

Formats available: eBook, Paperback

Cover Artist: Shayne Leighton

Tagline: Something Dark Is On Its Way

Book Description:

Isabeau Finne’s perfect world utterly unravels when she meets Death's right-hand man one fateful night, spiraling her life into a world of chaos and the impossible.

Suddenly, she is no longer Isabeau and becomes part of the most secretive inner-workings of Death itself, as well as an otherworldly dominion of ancient magic.

Now beings—which we were taught as children were merely fictional creations of wildly whimsical minds—are edging their way into her world as well.

Buggans and Kobolds and Vargs…oh my!

She yearns for the simplicity of her old life—this one is full of dangers, unanswered questions, and cryptic dreams.

After one particularly anomalous dream in which she learns of the Nine While Nine Legacy, things become truly precarious.

Now, someone sees her as a risk…a threat…and wants to eliminate her.

Fortunately, she falls under the protection of Gideon—unless she leaves his territory—which is the one thing she wants the most…and wants the least.

Nine While Nine is a dark urban/contemporary fantasy—a modern dark faerie tale—replete with dark adventure, mysticism, a romantic sub-plot, light horror, world-building, and a new mythology. Isabeau is a seemingly ordinary young woman, living in modern-day suburbia. Until she discovers who she truly is: A SiĆ³g O'Cailleach. A witch of the Fae.

Paperback Available at Parliament House Press

About the Author:

Stasia Morineaux grew up in Southern California, pursuing faeries in the garden and seeking spirits in the local graveyard with her cat Bartleby; they also spent countless nights hunting down things that went bump!

She now resides in Asheville, North Carolina with her hubster and kidlet, as well as with a bevy of creatures…both real and “imaginary”.

Mysterious dreams, copious hours of awesome music, and obscene amounts of coffee fuel her writing sessions of paranormal, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, the supernatural...and sometimes even a sprinkling of chick lit!

In her spare time she likes to relax on her balcony, feet kicked up, listening to the squirrels arguing with the crows in her woods.

Tour giveaway

10 Lucky winners will get an eBook of Nine While Nine

There is a GRAND PRIZE too!

A signed, personalized paperback of NINE WHILE NINE and a Deluxe Mystery Box ($100 value) filled with NINE WHILE NINE inspired goodies from Hemlock and Blackthorn House (Incense, Candles, Bath Soaks, Oils, Teas, and much more!)

Contest closes at midnight on July 24th.

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Book Trailer ~ Nine While Nine by Stasia Morineaux

New Release Wild Irish Grace Book 7 Mystic Cove Series by Tricia O’Malley

 New Release Wild Irish Grace 
Book 7 Mystic Cove Series 
by Tricia O’Malley 

As centuries blur and souls collide, Grace must come to terms with the fact that she can’t control everything – even her heart.

Wild Irish Grace
Mystic Cove Series
Book 7
Tricia O'Malley 

Genre: PNR

Is her enemy the love she’s been waiting for?

Grace O’Brien lives an unapologetic life – one where she uses magick and attitude alike to live exactly as she pleases. With talents far beyond what most can comprehend, Grace dances through life with verve and enthusiasm.

But it isn’t all magick and mirth. A secret haunts Grace through the darkest hours of the night. For in her heart lies the soul of a fierce pirate queen, one that has loved and weathered unequivocal loss. Now, as she waits once more for true love – a love that was promised to her – It seems that Grace might not always be able to get everything that she wants.

From the moment that Dylan Kelly sailed into Grace’s Cove, the town captures his heart. Pulled by an invincible need to move to the village, Dylan changes his entire life to finally focus on his passion project. When Dylan runs headfirst into the indomitable force that is Grace O’Brien, he battles both his attraction and his ethics in order to pursue the one thing that matters most to him – building his legacy.

As centuries blur and souls collide, Grace must come to terms with the fact that she can’t control everything – even her heart. 

Kindle Free Book Blitz July 17-21 Willem by Victoria Danann

Kindle Freebie July 17-21

Willem The Witches of Wimberley Book 1 
by Victoria Danann

July 17 Saph’s Books

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July 21 JB's Bookworms with Brandy Mulder

The Witches of Wimberley
Book 1
Victoria Danann

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Print Length: 281 pages

Publisher: 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC

Publication Date: June 21, 2016


Romance that is destiny laced, fantasy infused, and dressed in a little night magic.

If he leaves, he can never come back. But is he dumb enough to get in his car and drive away anyhow?

New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, begins a sizzling new series about an enclave of modern day witches who are sexy, philanthropic and living in the Texas Hill Country. They're selfless to a fault when it comes to generosity, but when it comes to the men they choose for themselves, they don't settle for anything less than the best.

"Enchanted from the very first page. I couldn't put it down!" - Night Owl Reviews 5* TOP PICK

While waiting for what would probably be his last acting audition ever, the guy standing in line behind Willem gave him a card with a phone number on it and said, "You're a good looking guy. If you're definitely quitting, try the witches."

Willem took the card for the sake of being polite. He planned to throw it away, but didn't. Crazy as it sounded, it seemed like the card was bugging him. It even kept him awake when he put it in the refrigerator.

He called the number, entered the competition and won. Winning meant getting everything he'd never even dared to dream about.

Get your copy TODAY and find out why readers are saying Willem is sexy, delightfully fun, witty and witching with humor, magic, and lots of romance!

Free On Amazon 
July 17-21

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Now On Tour Melissa's Quest by Blair Drake

July 16 Fang-tastic Books

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July 17 Books,Dreams,Life

July 17 Triple A

July 17 Paranormalists

July 17 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, and Sissy, Too!

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July 20 Lisa’s World of Books
July 20 SImply Kelina    

July 20 Jazzy Book Reviews    

July 20 Saph’s Books

July 23 Ramblings of a Book Nerd
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July 23 Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read (Review)

July 23 JB's Bookworms with Brandy Mulder

Melissa's Quest
Finding Magic
Book One
Blair Drake

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Magic Quest Books

Date of Publication: June 7, 2018


Number of pages: 233
Word Count: 81,550

Cover Artist: Jennifer Zemanek/Seedlings LLC

Tagline: What would you do to find your magic?

Book Description:

Lost and bewildered after being unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend, seventeen-year-old Melissa wants nothing more than to curl up with her pain. But then she’s summoned by the headmaster of Gray Cliffs Academy and finds herself on the roof in the middle of a wild and tumultuous storm. Before she realizes what is happening, a vicious wind sends her flying through the darkness and she lands in the frozen north. It is then she discovers the true meaning of feeling lost. Though full of mystery and magic, there is something sinister about this strange new world…

All Melissa wants is to return home, but first she must learn the rules of this strange new reality and how they will help her in her quest before it’s too late and she’s stuck in this place forever…

About the Author:

Blair Drake believes in magic, especially the magic of stories with fantasy, adventures, romance, action, and surprises. She has loved writing and living in the stories of the Finding Magic series and is so excited to share the quests of the Gray Cliffs Academy students with her readers.

When she’s not writing about magic, she’s reading about it. Her influences are Cassandra Claire, Neil Gaiman, Rick Riordan, Garth Nix, and many more.

In the mortal plane, following the lure of magic has drawn Blair into strange and wonderful adventures from Australia to New York City, with many stops in between. She currently lives near Denver. Her very favorite spot is a red loveseat in her office, frequently shared with two cats, an outnumbered Dalmation, and occasionally her bewitched husband.

She might have gone to a school similar to Gray Cliffs Academy and would love to go through a magic portal. In the meantime, she’s creating her own in more books of magic.

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